When do I plant my seeds in the garden?

Answer On One Hand: Plant in Early SpringMost seeds can be planted in early spring when all chance of frost has passed and soil is workable. Flower seeds and most vegetable seeds can be planted in early s... Read More »

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How do I plant vegetable seeds in the garden?

Prepare the garden soil by turning and loosening it with a shovel or hoe. Clear out any weeds, dead roots or rocks that can obstruct the vegetable plants' growth. Apply compost and commercial ferti... Read More »

How do you decide what seeds to plant in your garden of friendship?

the same which i love to see in other,s gardens.LOVE begets LOVE..thanks,.

How long do i have to wait after using preen to plant my garden seeds?

Preen weed preventer is a product that reduces weeds by inhibiting root growth in newly sprouted plants. According to, it should only be used around garden plants once they are already es... Read More »

How do you preserve seeds from your garden harvest so you can plant them next season?

Answer First of all, ensure that the seeds are dry and free from any plant debris remaining from the seed head. Then store them in small envelopes and put the collection of envelopes in an airtigh... Read More »