When do I plant crossfire fescue?

Answer Crossfire fescue can be planted during the fall or spring. Early fall is the best time, with ideal growing conditions. Crossfire fescue is a cool-season grass that grows best when the temperature i... Read More »

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When do you plant fescue?

Fescue is a popular type of grass often used for sports fields, residential lawns, and golf courses. Fescue should be planted in the early fall. If early fall is not possible, spring is the second-... Read More »

How do I plant fescue seed?

Plant Seeds in the FallTill your soil to a depth of 6 inches in the early fall. Rake the soil to provide an even planting surface. Open the chute of your lawn seeder and fill it with fescue seeds. ... Read More »

How do I plant blue fescue seed?

Planting Blue Fescue SeedsPlant blue fescue in hardiness zone 5. Plant it in a spot that gets a full eight hours of sun each day, and that has well-draining soil. Wait until the last frost passes b... Read More »

Can you plant centipede grass over fescue?

Centipede grass grows well in the southeastern United States. It is drought resistant but does not fair well west of Texas and north of Kentucky. It is a creeping, slow-growing grass that will cho... Read More »