When do I plant a citrus tree?

Answer The best time of year to plant citrus has a lot to do with where you live. Citrus trees thrive in warm weather climates. They generally don't do well in freezing temperatures. In fact, a citrus tre... Read More »

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When do you plant a fruit tree?

On One Hand: Fall PlantingFall is a good time to plant your fruit trees in warmer regions of the country. The soil will stay warmer much longer than the air, giving the roots plenty of time to deve... Read More »

When does a plant become a tree?

A plant becomes a tree when it has a woody main stem that does not need to regrow every year. Trees are perennial plants that have a trunk of at least 3 inches in diameter. Trees reach a minimum he... Read More »

When is a good time to plant a tree?

On One Hand: Spring Planting Is Best for Some TreesSlow-to-establish trees, which tend to have fewer, larger roots, are best suited to spring planting. These trees benefit from generous spring rain... Read More »

When is the best time to plant a fig tree ?

I'm no expert on this, but have a fig tree that's a descendant of a plant my grandmother brought (smuggled!) over from Italy in the early 1960's. We've never "planted" a tree, but have been able t... Read More »