When do I have to move in Texas during a tax foreclosure?

Answer In a tax foreclosure in Texas, the delinquent taxpayer relinquishes his claim to the property and investors have rights to rental income immediately after a sale or foreclosure. It is up to the new... Read More »

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How long do you have to move out after foreclosure in Texas?

You can remain in the property until it is sold to another buyer or after the lender takes repossession of the property. If you remain past that time, eviction proceedings will begin. You have up t... Read More »

When do I have to move out after my foreclosure?

On One Hand: Varies by State.The foreclosure process is different in every state. Once you get behind on your mortgage by three to six months, the bank will probably take action by initiating a for... Read More »

When do i have to move out after foreclosure?

On One Hand: Eviction Papers Are the Final NoticeYou can stay in your foreclosed house until a deputy sheriff arrives with a court-ordered eviction notice. You will then generally have 48 hours to ... Read More »

Can military women with joint custody move when they are ordered to or do they have to have permission from the father in Texas?

Answer The court takes a somewhat different view of military personnel than it does civilians. If the person is the primary custodian (meaning the children reside with them the majority of the time... Read More »