When do I cut back hostas?

Answer On One Hand: Pruning Hostas in the SpringHostas are dormant in the winter, and thus it may be easiest to prune and divide them in the spring, when many gardening tasks are being performed. When pru... Read More »

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Can hostas be cut back?

Yes, a hosta plant can be cut back. Hostas will flower and the flowers will drop seeds. If you want to keep the seeds, do not cut the plant back until the seeds have dropped; otherwise, the plant c... Read More »

When do you plant hostas?

Spring is the best time to plant hostas, although you can plant them throughout spring and summer. When the temperatures rise in the later months, the plants require more water to establish root sy... Read More »

When do hostas bloom?

Hostas are a perennial bulb plant in which the leaves die off in the winter and return in the spring. The white or lavender blooms appear on stocks in the summer. The exact timing of the blooming v... Read More »

When can I plant hostas?

Hostas can be planted in any season in warmer regions, though avoid planting during the hottest periods of summer so the plant is not stressed. The best time for all regions is spring, the Unive... Read More »