When do I cut back hostas?

Answer On One Hand: Pruning Hostas in the SpringHostas are dormant in the winter, and thus it may be easiest to prune and divide them in the spring, when many gardening tasks are being performed. When pru... Read More »

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Can hostas be cut back?

Yes, a hosta plant can be cut back. Hostas will flower and the flowers will drop seeds. If you want to keep the seeds, do not cut the plant back until the seeds have dropped; otherwise, the plant c... Read More »

Have my Hostas had their day?

be patient, they wont show for quite a while yet, you can dig them up & split them with a sharp knife make sure you have some root on each part, other wise leave them where they are, i have been gr... Read More »

How to Plant Hostas?

Hostas are favored by many gardeners for the plant's exceptional foliage. Growing best in shady spots, they will add color and drama to your garden in places other plants may not grow. Knowing how ... Read More »

Can Hostas Be Split?

Many gardeners grow hostas for their beautiful foliage and fragrant flower spikes. After a few years of enjoying their plants, newer gardeners may wonder what can be done when a hosta grows too la... Read More »