When do 1099 forms have to be mailed to employees?

Answer According to the IRS, all types of 1099 forms are due to the recipient by January 31 of the year following the period the form covers. All 1099 forms are due to the IRS by February 28 of the year f... Read More »

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When are 1099 forms mailed out?

A 1099 is an income statement mailed to an independent contractor that has made more than $600 in revenue with a company. By federal law, the independent contractor must receive his 1099 form by Fe... Read More »

When do W-2 forms need to be mailed to employees?

The deadline for employers to send out W-2 forms was January 31 according to the Social Security website. According to the website, this is the deadline for each year, unless that date falls on a S... Read More »

When do 1099 forms have to be sent out?

The 1099 forms used to report non-employee income for contract and freelance workers in the 2009 tax year were required to be mailed out by January 31, 2010. Since this fell on a Sunday, the deadli... Read More »

When do w-2 forms have to be sent to employees?

On One Hand: Standard DeadlineAll U.S. employers must distribute W-2 forms to their employees by January 31 of each year. They may distribute the forms before that date, but not after.On the Other:... Read More »