When did"no deposit, no return"first appear on beer bottles?

Answer The first beer bottle bearing the words "No Deposit, No Return, Not to be Refilled" appeared in 1939, according to the Beer Timetable on the Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising website.So... Read More »

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What technique do ya use when ya throw beer bottles at stop signs from a moving vehicle?

Yeah, me too. I practice and I practice but my average is terrible. I suppose i could slow down to 60 or so, but then the bottle may not explode when it hits the sign.

What does "CA cash deposit" on water bottles mean?

You don't return to the store where you purchased them but to recycle centers where you are paid the amount marked on the container. There are many recycle centers in in every town I have ever been... Read More »

Types of Beer Bottles?

Many factors contribute to the packaging of beer. Using brown or green-tinted glass ensures the product is protected from sunlight, which can cause a breakdown of the contents. Aesthetic appeal tru... Read More »

Can you bottle wine in beer bottles?

Bottling wine in beer bottles is perfectly fine and will not have any significant effect on the finished product, so long as the beer bottles are clean and sanitary. Doing so does, however, requir... Read More »