When did you start your period?

Answer The very last day of the 8th grade. in middle school we had the choice to go on the lake with canoes or go for a 10 mile bike ride. I picked the bike ride. we where halfway thru and i got it. it h... Read More »

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if you start your period late and the bottom of your stomach is still cramping when you stop your period?

Answer YES! I had a friend that was pregnant and didn't know the whole time. HERE'S THE STORY We were watching t.v. and my friend started cramping so she went and took a nap. Two hours later she c... Read More »

When did you start your period and start wearing a bra?

Both at age 13 or in eight grade. Believe it or not, I was embarrassed to wear a bra for so long. A girl at school called me over and said I should wear one because you can see through my shirt. My... Read More »

What does it mean if when you start your period your breasts feel heavy and leak?

AnswerThere is a chance you could be pregnant. Even during pregnancy, women may experience period-like bleeding or spotting. But not many experience breast leakage early in pregnancy, while it is p... Read More »

If you got pregnant a few days before your period was due when would you start to have any symptoms?

Answeryes you CAN get pregers right before your period.....I had conceived on the 3rd of September of this year. I had my period on the 9,although it only lasted for a few days, instead of the usua... Read More »