When did you start wearing these?

Answer 15, I prefer tampons because they are neater cleaner and you don't have to look at your own menstrual waste every time you use the restroom. TSS is easily preventable by changing them regularly an... Read More »

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What age do girls start wearing makeup these days?

im in 6th grade and i just started wearing make-up. not a lot though. just mascara, cover up, and blush. have the girls in my grade wear make up half dont. but its your decision

When did you start your period and start wearing a bra?

Both at age 13 or in eight grade. Believe it or not, I was embarrassed to wear a bra for so long. A girl at school called me over and said I should wear one because you can see through my shirt. My... Read More »

When to start wearing boots?

I figure once they start selling them in stores its okay to start wearing them for the season. I work at Old Navy and we got them in about 3 weeks ago.

When did you start wearing make-up.. 10 pts!!?

I'm 29... and I still don't and don't plan to start any time in the future.