When did you start drinking?

Answer when i was born(milk):]

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At what age did you start drinking coffee What made you want to start?

I was 20. My first cup I dumped A LOT of sugar and creamer in it. Once that caffeine rush hit me, I was hooked. Then, I got accustomed to the flavor. Now, I love it!

What age do you think it’s OK to start drinking and why?

I would introduce children from the start of their teenage years, allowing them a little wine with special meals. At sixteen, I would allow a full glass - one only!It's also vitally important that ... Read More »

Want to start drinking.. Help?

if you want something that tastes good i would try mikes hard lemonade one or two is really responsible and three or four is a good night.... i don't drink to get drunk i prefer social settings and... Read More »

Should I start drinking Coffee?

You really should read medical articles about those energy drinks and how they affect the heart. Coffee isn't quite as bad but if you use it along with the energy drinks then you doubled your risk.... Read More »