When did you start drinking?

Answer when i was born(milk):]

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When do baby birds start drinking water?

At 7 weeks, baby birds begin to drink water. Before that time, they get their water from the baby bird formula they are hand-fed or through regurgitated food from their parents.Source:Cockatiel Cot... Read More »

When should a baby start drinking milk?

On One Hand: Wait Until 12 MonthsA child shouldn't be given cow's milk regularly until he is at least a year old. Before that, the digestive system is too immature to handle milk proteins. Also, th... Read More »

When did Americans first start drinking bottled water?

Elizabeth Royte, author of "Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It," says the trend of Americans drinking bottled water can be traced to the innovation and mass production of ligh... Read More »

When can I start drinking alcohol after taking 250mg of tramadol?

6-8 hours like I said on a previous answer. I would say 8 hours since you took 150 milligrams over the max single dose of 100 milligrams. The max safe dosage is 100 milligrams 4 times daily, or 50 ... Read More »