When did you last use your Printer, what did you print?

Answer Today. I downloaded all the crossword puzzles and games from the Daily Telegraph "Clued Up" site, as I do every day. I have been doing the Telegraph crosswords for over 45 years, but to buy the Tel... Read More »

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Why my printer won't print when i push print it don't?

Check the cables connecting it to the computer, they maybe not connected right or they are not working properly. If not than it could be your software going corrupt and simply reinstalling it might... Read More »

My printer cartridge is not print out pictures that I tell it to print!!!!!!My printer is HP PSC 1410 and it?

Printer should be on and plugged inClick1)) Start - -> Run -- type oklook 4 Print Spooler .....Restart the service2))Restart the computer while the cable is unplugged....Replug... Read More »

What is wrong if your printer doesn't print?

If you haven't used the printer in quite some time, your print head is dry. Replace cartridges if you have an HP, Lexmark or DellIf you have an Epson, Canon or Brother and it has been more than ab... Read More »

Printer is setup and installed but when i print all that comes out is weird numbers, i use lion, what to do?

It is best to try your support site or your owners manual for help, this site has owners manuals and service manuals, that will asnswer most question. If this does not help try a web search,that w... Read More »