When did you last take a bang to your elbow?

Answer I caught my funny bone one Tuesday as I recall. Not very humerus at all.

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Will you dye your bang or just buy a color clip-in bang?

If your friend always changeds her hair style, then I don't think she should dyed her bangs. The clip-in bang is very beautiful. Just let your friend to find the one she likes. That's a better choi... Read More »

How long will it take to get your last paycheck when you separate from the military?

If things haven't changed since I got out of the Marine Corps; I collected all pay that was due on the day that I was discharged. There was no waiting time.

Is it okay to bend your elbow when there is an IV in your arm?

If the IV was in your antecubital fossa, it was not such a good idea to bend your arm for reasons listed in your question. What probably happened is that you gave additional stress to the needle, ... Read More »

Your LMP last April R But while you have period you found a milk on your both boobs you take a pregnancy test 3 times but its negatived last May'm your period came but only 1 day?

Yes, you could be pregnant. At the moment it is too early to take a pregnancy test. You need to wait until 3 weeks after you had sex before taking a pregnancy test. However, you period may just be ... Read More »