When did you last make home made Chips?

Answer i aint had a good chip since 1988 when they went to a quid a bag. and i dont cook em in my tent no more cause it set on fire last time i did and i had to throw the chip pan on lol.//

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Whats the best oil to use for making home made fried chips?

It's not the healthiest, but lard makes the tastiest chips.

Ho can you make home made Potpourri or something to keep your home scented?

I grow a fragrance garden which has flowers that are highly scented and I dry them. You can hang bunches upside down and leave them that way or break them apart to put in bowls and containers. I ... Read More »

How Could I make Home-made Wind Power to make Electricity?

great site to start looking for your answers.

How are chocolate chips made?

Scores of packages of chocolate chips line household cupboards waiting to be made into tasty cookies, pies, muffins and cakes. The chip begins as a cacao bean, and is processed into the familiar te... Read More »