When did you last have a glass of Lemon Barley Water?

Answer last week my mum makes her own and it is lovely

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How to Make Lemon Barley Water?

This is a very refreshing drink on a hot day. It's easy to make at home and is just as tasty as the commercial cordial preparation.

When did last have a piece of lemon in a drink?

last summer july vodka and tonic with lemon and ice.;

What has a better effect when you do the lemon water diet, cold water or warm water?

dude, our an idiot for doing a diet based on lemon water, and temperature of water does not affect its health, just drink water and only water and lemon is healthy enough so add some if you wish

If You Put Two Pennies & a Wire Into a Glass of Lemon Juice, Will You Have a Battery?

Electricity is the flow of electrons, and a battery is a device that causes electrons to flow. One simple kind of battery involves an acid and two dissimilar metals. You can make a lemon battery--i... Read More »