When did you create your first email id at which age yahoo or gmail?

Answer It was arround 12 years past from now when i was in arround class 2-3 i got a help from a friend of my dad when i had been to his office.It was on yahoo and yes i still use that same yahoo id all w... Read More »

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Which email (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.)?

gmail of course...those that know....know

Which is the Best Email gmail, yahoo, hotmail?

I got gmail and yahoo, and I like them both!

Does an email domain (@gmail,, @yahoo) matter...?

An email address is just the place they are sending it to. The domains vary because of the servers they use, but all emails are sent the same way, so yes, all of those will be able to receive email.

How do u get your 2nd youtube verification email on your YAHOO ACCOUNTUtube wont confirm it,unless its gmail!?

I have an answer! :DDOK I use email, and it works fine, try that!