When did women first start shaving their legs?

Answer Women began shaving underarms after advertisements for sleeveless blouses showed models with hairless armpits in the 1920s. Skirts became progressively shorter through the 1940s, and World War II p... Read More »

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Men shaving their legs?

I don't like when males imitate female behaviour, like using too many hair products, shaving and stuff like that.I don't like it. Makes me think that the guy is too affeminate, or too vain. It woul... Read More »

Dudes shaving their legs?

How does shaving your legs make you look gay? Who ever told you that is a complete douchebag.

Do women shave their armpits and legs girl and women only!!!?

Yes, girls and women do. Men only shave their legs if they are swimmers otherwise u leave the hair. armpits are about everyday,legs skip a day and then shave them or shave them everyday.

Why do women shave/wax their legs.........?

It has to do with attracting males. Many men are fearful of strong women - men feel 'inadequate' and threatened by them, and prefer submission. Women's grooming habits are often compensations for... Read More »