When did we discover dna?

Answer Friedrich Miescher first discovered DNA in 1869. However, the scientific community did not understand DNA's role in genetics until 1902, according to Prophase Genetics. Public knowledge did not cat... Read More »

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When did we discover makeup?

Early societies all seemed to have used makeup, with the Egyptians wearing cosmetics as early as 3,000 years B.C. Recent research also indicates that the Neanderthals were perhaps the very first t... Read More »

When did Galileo discover Jupiter?

Galileo didn't discover Jupiter, but on January 7, 1610, he observed three of Jupiter's moons. He saw the fourth moon on January 13. Although other astronomers probably observed Jupiter's moons ind... Read More »

When did Pythagoras discover his theorem?

An exact year of discovery is not known, but Pythagoras lived from approximately 569 to 475 BC. During this time period, either Pythagoras or one of his students developed what is accepted as the f... Read More »

When did people discover wetlands?

Wetlands have been around longer than humans have inhabited the Earth. Wetlands encompass the world and are present in all regions and climates.They include swamps and estuaries, lakes, reefs and l... Read More »