When did video conferencing start?

Answer Video conferencing was created by three inventors, John William Richardson, Jens Cahnbley, and Kumar Ramaswamy, who are all from New Jersey, in 2003. A patent application was filed in 2003, with a ... Read More »

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What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing assists in connecting remote users with voice and video through a communications technology platform. Users are able to hold meetings and converse in natural conversations throug... Read More »

What is video conferencing used for?

Video conferencing offers people a way to get together, virtually speaking, for any reason, at any time from any place in the world. Video conferencing is a powerful long-distance communication too... Read More »

Video Conferencing Careers?

Video conferencing allows people from two different locations to interact with each other through the use of real time transmissions. Nowadays, more and more businesses use videoconferencing in the... Read More »

What is desktop video conferencing?

The personal computer has led to a revolution in the way we communicate. Today's consumers have access to many advanced technologies that only big businesses could afford previously. Desktop video ... Read More »