When did thomas jefferson invent the swivel chair?

Answer Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair sometime in the late 18th century where he took a brief break (1793-1796) from public office. The exact date is not well known because Jefferson did not p... Read More »

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What is a swivel chair?

A swivel chair, also called a revolving chair, is a chair with one central leg that permits the chair to spin around. Swivel chairs serve as desk chairs, computer chairs, workmen chairs, bar stools... Read More »

When was the swivel chair created?

Thomas Jefferson is credited with inventing the swivel chair around 1776, the same year he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson is believed to have written the Declaration of Independen... Read More »

How to Lead Like Thomas Jefferson?

Like many historic leaders, Thomas Jefferson was a man who didn’t fit into a specific mold, sometimes favoring ideas that were unpopular at the time. Jefferson was considered to be a visionary, o... Read More »

Is Thomas Jefferson on the nickel?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson is featured on the nickel. Jefferson was the third president of the United States. The image of Jefferson is based on a portrait painted by Rembrandt Peale.References:U.S. Min... Read More »