When did they stop using lead in pencils?

Answer Ancient Greeks and Romans used metallic leads to write on papyrus, creating the world's first pencils. By the 1500s, graphite had replaced lead. Although modern pencils were a mixture of graphite a... Read More »

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When did they stop using lead in number 2 pencils?

According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, lead has not been used for writing since the Middle Ages (the 14th century or 1500s). The graphite pencil that we use now came into us... Read More »

When did they stop sealing tin cans with lead?

Cans were last sealed with lead solder in 1920. In 1898, cans were being manufactured without lead and by 1904 most cans did not contain lead. Lead was still being used to seal evaporated milk cans... Read More »

When was lead removed from pencils?

In the year 1564, lead in pencils was replaced with graphite. Graphite was more convenient and left darker impressions. Because of the soft and brittle nature of graphite, wood casings were creat... Read More »

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