When did they stop making cold-filtered beer?

Answer Cold-filtering is a process in which beer is chilled so that yeast molecules clump together to be more easily removed. While many companies heat-pasteurize their beer, some, including Miller and nu... Read More »

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What does"cold filtered"mean?

Cold filtering is a manufacturing process used as part of fermentation. It is especially common in the brewing of lager beer, where it sometimes becomes an advertising selling point. It is not clea... Read More »

What makes cold, mountain-filtered, spring water so refreshing and delicious when enjoyed at the source?

It’s so much more than water, dude. Yes, we know that water is life, but we rarely contemplate this sustenance. To be surrounded by the majesty of nature is invigorating; to realize that everythi... Read More »

Ok-now I'm making beer?

this is what you do.come to my house.all the molson canadian you can drink,on girl

How to Buy a Beer Making Kit?

Brewing beer at home is a great way to increase your knowledge and appreciation of different beer styles, and the entire process can be accomplished with relatively few pieces of equipment. When as... Read More »