When when did this annual message become known as the state of the union address?

Answer 9 eastern8 central7 mountain6 pacific

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Why do I become fat when I eat stuff but thinner when I don't eat?

Because you're consuming calories and/or you're bloating yourself.

Can you be held responsible for child support when you become an adult for a child you fathered when you were 15?

Answer Yes.In cases where the court applies arrearages it will usually be from the time the minor reaches 17 with the actual support payments begining at the age of 18.Parentage must be establishe... Read More »

When drugs become OTC are they less effective than when they were prescription?

No, they are at lower doses that are safe in general to use as directed on the label. So a 200 mg tablet of naproxen isn't going to be as strong as 400 mg tablets, but they are safer to use without... Read More »

How do u feal when u become mom or dad?

Overwelmed with love!!!! It truelly is an amazing feeling! Of course I love other people like my awesome husband too. Yet bringing a child into this world is such a gift from god. It's kind of hard... Read More »