When did the roman days start?

Answer East Asia is a country in Asia.

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Could it mean you are pregnant if you have brown discharge for two days and are not supposed to start your period for another five days?

Answer Hi,Yes this could mean you're pregnant. If this is implantation bleeding you cannot do a pregnancy test for the next 2-3 weeks because your body has only just begun releasing HCG in your bl... Read More »

When did Roman art start?

Roman art began in 500 B.C. Prior to this date, the Romans merely copied the Etruscans' art, following the domination of Greece by the Romans around 200 B.C. The earliest examples of Roman art were... Read More »

If you had 3 days of light period then 1 day of regular flow then 3 more days of light flow after taking EC are you pregnant also your period was supposed to start about a week after this happened?

Early period does not mean you're pregna After 7 days of period, you're not pregnant at all!! Even 1 day of regular flow would be enough to tell.

How to Start Your First Days in Minecraft?

So the first step is gather wood from a tree. You will then press E to go into your inventory. Then you should see next to your character 4 little squares and at the top it will say crafting. Simpl... Read More »