When did the movie"Thirteen Days"take place?

Answer The movie "Thirteen Days," released in 2000, takes place in 1962. The film recalls a two-week period in October, during what became known as the "Cuban Missile Crisis." The film concentrates on Pre... Read More »

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If your stepdaughter was 17 when the adoption took place after raising her and she may have answered falsely when she told the judge that she wanted to be adopted can it be reversed and if so how?

Answer Did she not want to be adopted? Why do you want to reverse the words in her statement? What are you trying to achieve?

Is there a higher risk of internal bleedings when staying on high altitude in the mountains when place lets count is below 30.000 child aged 7 years old?

How is the fro-yo place You Say When?

Tis is the Orlando Travel section There is no You Say When fro-yo place here.

How to Get Guardianship When Another Guardian Is in Place?

A guardianship arrangement is one in which the court has selected an adult resident of the state to watch over and protect a vulnerable individual, known as a ward. The ward is typically a child or... Read More »