Have you ever been knocked out before?

Answer yep and this is gonna sound evil but it was by my mom lolshe didn't do it on purpose (i don't think anyway)i was 15 at the time and we were just prating about ,she jabbed me to the nose & knocked m... Read More »

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Anyone ever been knocked out before?

hope you went to the hospital and had a catscan done.Hitting your head and getting knocked out and cause serious brain damage in the future.I got knocked out before by getting punched in the head b... Read More »

What are the best positions to get knocked up?

The best way to ensure pregnancy is to have really strong orgasms...this is true. When a woman orgasms her cervix sort of dips into the pool of sperm and this ensures that a maximum ... Read More »

Who knocked out Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali was never truly knocked out. He came out of retirement to fight his old sparring partner, Larry Holmes, in 1980 and after 10 one-sided rounds was not allowed by trainer Angelo Dundee t... Read More »

Have you ever been knocked out cold before?

lol from football. i was running and i dived to make the endzone and i collided with a 215 pound highschool linebacker! i was out cold for at least 5 mins, but i came consious on the bench. i had t... Read More »