Why is pluto called pluto?

Answer Pluto was first observed in 1930, 25 years after the American astronomer Percival Lowell first theorized its existence. Its naming continued a long-established tradition of naming planets after Rom... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Nash?

Nash means “dweller near the ash tree,” “one who came from ash trees,” “cliff” or “headland.” The surname Nash originated in England. It was taken from the phrase “atten ash,” w... Read More »

How do I call Nash fm 94.7?

They're a fairly new station and may not have their promotions department established quite yet, so in lieu of a WNSH-FM promotions department number, I advise you call the one from sister station ... Read More »

Who is Nash Bridges?

"Monk" is still on the air but only in syndication.edited by cable_addictThe final season is airing starting this summer.

Nash Rambler History?

The Nash Rambler automobile was produced briefly by the Nash division of the Nash-Kelvinator Company and was a forerunner to the American Motors Corporation's entry-level cars. The Nash Rambler, pr... Read More »