Can a handicap person park a regular vehicle in a van-accessible space?

Answer Required by law, van-accessible handicap spaces must have a larger isle than typical spaces. Vans may have a ramp or lift for the person to use. According to the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Bu... Read More »

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Making Your Laptop Computer Internet-Accessible Anywhere?

Business travelers or those constantly on the move might have trouble finding reliable wireless hotspots to use for Internet access. If you'd like your laptop computer to have always-on Internet ca... Read More »

Will they ever make an internet that's accessible for deaf and/or blind people ?

I had a boss who was blind and used a computer plug-in thing called Jaws that could read websites to her and would say each key as she typed, so she could use the Internet or any other program.Deaf... Read More »

When did high speed internet become popular?

dsl came out as an affordable high speed internet back in 2000, it was widely advertised by aol so its popularity skyrocketed in only a short time.high speed internet is kind of a vague term, as "h... Read More »

Why do you think children bully others on the Internet, when they wouldn’t do this in person?

Cowardice, as others have mentioned.Also there is an element of anonymity on the internet which results in a delusion that there is no way that they will be found out.Many kids, especially bullies ... Read More »