When did the great mississippi flood happen?

Answer The Great Mississippi Flood occurred in the spring of 1927. Following heavy rains during the previous winter, a massive rain storm on April 15, 1927 overwhelmed levees and flooded much of Missouri,... Read More »

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Flood Stages of the Mississippi?

The Mississippi River flows 2,340 miles from its headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. The Corps of Engineers collects data on river levels at river forecast points. A river forecast point... Read More »

When did the Mississippi flood of 1993 occur?

Record flooding occurred along the Mississippi River during the months of May through September in 1993. The flood was responsible for 50 deaths, hundreds of failed levees along the Mississippi and... Read More »

What was the flood stage of the Mississippi in Burlington, Iowa in 1993?

The Mississippi River region of the United States suffered severe flooding during the summer of 1993. In Burlington, Iowa, the Mississippi River reached a flood stage of 25.1 feet in 1993, breaking... Read More »

When did Noah's flood happen?

Those who study historical Biblical events, such as theologians, Christian archeologists and historians, have worked together to find the date of Noah's flood. Most agree the event occurred between... Read More »