Where was the best place to invest your money during the great depression?

Answer On One Hand: Military Investments Were WiseThe number one place to invest money during the depression era was in companies that built submarines and aircrafts for the world wars. These companies we... Read More »

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What is a great place to take your girlfriend out to eat at?

One of the top ten would be nice.....1. Mark's American Cuisine American 2. Sambuca Jazz Cafe Mediterranean 3. La Mora Italian 4. Ninfa's Mexican 5. Solero American 6. Simposio It... Read More »

Any romantic/great place to take my girlfriend to ( in phoenix,tampe,scottsdale )?

El Chorro and Lon's at the Hermosa are the most romantic to me and the food is delicious at both. The service is excellent.

How do you take a really great picture of someone or something in a duskypartly lighted place outside using a Nikon Coolpix L3 Ver 1.2 digital camera?

Answer I don't know the answer to the question - however I can offer some suggestions.1.) Read the instructions carefully and look for clues on how to change the settings.2.) Talk to a photographer... Read More »

What is the relationship of two people when ones great grandmother is the others great great aunt?

If the great grandmother of one person was the great great aunt of another, the two are third cousins to each other.