When did the government start rating nursing homes?

Answer The United States government began using a star-based system to rate nursing homes in December of 2008. This system assigns a number of stars (between one and five) to denote the nursing home's rat... Read More »

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Government Regulations for Nursing Homes?

The All Health website reports that the U.S. federal government introduced minimum regulations covering the care of occupants within a nursing home. Although these regulations are the minimum stand... Read More »

When are follow-up inspections in Texas nursing homes?

Once a complaint is filed, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services inspects the institution as soon as possible. The nursing home is provided with documentation that identifies the is... Read More »

When did the 5-year law go into effect protecting elderly property&nursing homes?

On the federal level, the five-year rule took effect on Feb, 8, 2006, but each state has its own Medicaid programs and may have its own effective date. Your state's Medicaid office can inform you o... Read More »

When did the Navy start the enlisted rating of MA Master at Arms?

I'm not sure of the exact year it became a rate, it was the early 70's. Before that the job still existed as a collateral duty. The rate exploded after 9/11 when Force Protection issues became so i... Read More »