When did the fossil fuel animals live?

Answer The major period for coal and oil formation is called the Carboniferous Period, dating from 354 million years ago to 290 million years ago. Tetrapods (four-legged land animals) included early amphi... Read More »

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What is a fossil fuel formed from the remains of marine plants and animals?

The fossil fuel formed from the remains of marine life is oil. As these lifeforms die and sink to the bottom of the ocean, their remains are covered with layers of rock and sand. Heat from the Eart... Read More »

Plants & Animals That Made Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are buried hundreds, sometimes thousands of feet underground. They have earned the name fossil fuels based on their formation: from fossilized organic matter, compressed by layers of m... Read More »

Are fossil fuels made of dead plants&animals?

Fossil fuels including petroleum and natural gas were created by the decomposition of plants and animals under pressure as a result of being buried. This process took millions of years. Another fos... Read More »

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