When did the first dynasty in ancient Egypt begin?

Answer The first dynasty of ancient Egypt was approximately from 3000 to 2800 BC and founded by a king named Meni, or Menes in Greek. The first dynasty was the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, making... Read More »

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What dynasty ruled the longest in ancient Egypt?

The 18th dynasty was the longest-ruling dynasty in Egypt, totaling 277 years. The 18th dynasty included some of the most famous pharaohs such as King Tut whose mummy was discovered in 1922, and Akh... Read More »

When did hieroglyphic writing begin in ancient egypt?

According to The Ancient Egypt Online website, the use of hieroglyphics dates back to around 3000 B.C. However, very little is known about the invention and early use of the language. According to ... Read More »

When did ancient Egypt end?

The final centuries of ancient Egyptian civilization saw several foreign rulers, including the Persians and the Macedonians. Then, the Roman Empire annexed Egypt in 30 A.D., permanently ending inde... Read More »

Where was ancient Egypt?

The pyramids and other archaeological ruins of ancient Egypt lie within the borders of the modern day nation of Egypt in the northeastern corner of Africa. Ancient Egyptian civilization developed ... Read More »