When did the elbow joint recover after it's frecture?

Answer my advice: go to see a D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) they have longer medical school than m.d. and learn gentle manipulations, and exercises to help wasted /weakened muscles also. you need to know ... Read More »

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How to Replace an Elbow Joint Below a Sink?

The elbow joint below a sink drain is designed to catch small items such as rings if they accidentally fall into the drain. Also, the elbow joint is designed so that clogs form there, making unclog... Read More »

Had bone scan which showed hot spots on my left elbow joint was replaced 18 years ago?

A bone scan is a test to help find the cause of your back pain. It can be done to find damage to the bones, find cancer that has spread to the bones, and watch problems such as infection and trauma... Read More »

How come so many doctors view temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMJ as a psychiatric problem when all it is is a jaw joint dislocation?

AnswerUnfortunatly not all doctors or dentist know enough about TMJ to come with the correct diagnosis.If a doctor tells you that you have psychiatric problems, the best thing is consult someone else.

Will the pictures I recover from my corrupted CF card still appear when I recover them for the second time?

It depends on the usage of the card. If it is used a lot and also formatted 2 or more times after the first recovery then it is not possible to get that photos back