When did the dodo live on Earth?

Answer The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and was discovered by Portuguese explorers, who landed there in 1507. By 1681, hunting and destruction of the dodo's habitat had led to... Read More »

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Which layer of the earth do we live on?

Humans live on the layer of the Earth called the continental crust. It's the second smallest area of the Earth, as it makes up a mere .374 percent of the Earth's mass. The other part of the Earth's... Read More »

What layer of the Earth do we live in?

We live on the crust of the Earth, which is the outermost layer. On land, the crust of the Earth is known as the "continental crust," while the crust beneath the oceans is called the "oceanic crust... Read More »

How many penguins live on Earth?

Tens of millions of penguins live on Earth, but the exact number is difficult to pinpoint. Some estimates put the total penguin population at 100 million. Penguins come in at least 17 different var... Read More »

Is there a ( live ) google earth?

It might in the US where it's all gung ho, but not in the UK. Our laws are tighter over privacy and the Human Rights Act for such a thing to happen. We don't even permit CCTV to be public in real t... Read More »