How to Change the Oil in a Challenger SRT?

Answer The SRT is the top-of-the-line Dodge Challenger. The rules for changing the oil are the same as they are for every vehicle. You should change the oil in your Challenger every 3,000 miles to keep it... Read More »

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Why did the challenger blow up?

The space shuttle Challenger disaster of January 28, 1986 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was the result of a combination of factors including weather and mechanical problems. The disaster c... Read More »

Can you explode twice?

Yes. If you get hit by a grenade, your mangled body will be thrown in the air. This is explosion one. Then, your body can either set off a claymore (causing another explosion), get hit by a mortar ... Read More »

How to Customize a Dodge Challenger?

Whether it's in V6 or V8 form, the new Dodge Challenger is a potent combination of American horsepower and retro muscle car styling. It's also a terrific basis for a custom car. An owner can go abo... Read More »

How to Maintain the Dodge Challenger GL?

Maintaining your Dodge Challenger GL is a must for the muscle car enthusiast. Regularly check and clean your Challenger to keep it looking like new and running smoothly, especially if you plan on o... Read More »