When did the T-Mobile Sidekick come out?

Answer T-Mobile released the first generation Sidekick in October of 2002. The device featured a monochrome screen and a QWERTY keyboard. In June 2003, T-Mobile introduced the Color Sidekick, followed by ... Read More »

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T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 help?

Check the manual it will provide information on how to change the settings for that phone. I can't wait to get my sidekick 2008 :]

How to Unlock a T-Mobile Sidekick Slide?

Like all cell phones, for the Sidekick Slide to work it must be connected to a network provider. In this case, that network is T-Mobile. The phone to work on other networks, it must be "unlocked." ... Read More »

How to Unlock Sidekick T-Mobile Activation?

The Sidekick is a mobile communication device made by Motorola. If you purchased yours through T-Mobile it came locked to that network. This prevents you from using it with a SIM (subscriber identi... Read More »

How to Use a T Mobile Sidekick Cell Phone?

Are you trying to get the hang of using your T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger Hiptop/Mobiflip/Sharp Jump? If so, read on! (If you are using the Sidekick 4G, this article does not apply to you, as the phone... Read More »