When did the Spruce-Fir Moss spider get added to the endangered species act?

Answer The Spruce-Fir Moss spider has the scientific name Microhexura montivaga, and it was listed as endangered on February 6, 1995. Currently the spider has only four known populations in the mountains ... Read More »

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Can plumbing be added to a basement if rough-in is not added during initial construction and the water table sits only 1 foot below the slab?

Answer Look for a special toilet that mounts directly to the floor and the water drains into a box mounted on the floor behind the toilet, under the tank. This box contains a pump that runs off ele... Read More »

When was"In God We Trust"added to all U.S. currency?

In 1953, Matthew H. Rothert advised Secretary of the Treasury George W. Humphrey to mark the patriotic statement "In God We Trust" onto all American currency. Rothert suggested that this statement ... Read More »

When was revelation added to the new testament?

Revelation was among the last books accepted in the New Testament canon by some of the early Christian groups. The other books were Jude, II Peter, II and III John. In 363 A.D, the Council of Laodi... Read More »

When was"In God We Trust"added to coins?

The motto "In God We Trust" was added to the two-cent coin in 1864. That same two-cent coin replaced the one-cent coin, earlier the same year. In 1883, the motto was removed from all coins, but the... Read More »