When did the NCAA tournament go to 64 teams?

Answer The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985. In 2001, one more team was added to the pool, making 65 teams eligible to charge toward the Final Four in hopes of land... Read More »

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When did the NCAA basketball tournament go to 64 teams?

The NCAA men's basketball tournament first expanded to 64 teams in 1985. This change came on the heels of increases to 40 teams (1979), 48 teams (1980) and 53 teams (1983), and represented the last... Read More »

When was the first NCAA tournament to invite 64 teams?

The NCAA tournament was expanded from 53 to 64 teams in 1985, when Villanova defeated Georgetown to win the basketball championship. The first tournament in 1939 featured eight schools and was won ... Read More »

Who chooses the teams for the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

NCAA Basketball Tournament teams are selected each year by the 10-member Men's Division I Basketball Committee. The committee members serve five-year terms; they pick the at-large teams that did no... Read More »

Which state had the most teams in the NCAA tournament?

Texas had the most teams in the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament. They were Baylor, Houston, North Texas, Sam Houston State, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas-El Paso. The state teams won four games ... Read More »