When did the Mariner 9 go out?

Answer Launched on May 8, 1971, Mariner 9 continued to generate data until October 27, 1972. Mariner 9 changed the way scientists understood Mars, taking more than 7,000 photographs of the red planet.Refe... Read More »

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What is the Mariner 9?

In what location was the Mariner 2?

The last known location of the Mariner 2 spacecraft was near Venus, when its last transmitted signal was received on January 3, 1963, approximately 105,464,560 km from Earth. Mariner 2 is still in ... Read More »

Who launched mariner?

What was the mission of mariner 10?

The Mariner 10 space probe was the last spacecraft in the Mariner program, and launched on 3 November 1973. Its mission was to measure the atmospheric, surface, and physical characteristics of Merc... Read More »