When did the Lemon Laws come into effect?

Answer Lemon Laws came into effect in 1982, first in the State of Connecticut as an assistance to consumers who purchased used and possibly defective vehicles. Each state has its own Lemon Law guidelines.... Read More »

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How does lemon juice make the invisible ink effect?

Invisible ink is a substance used for writing that is invisible either when applied or shortly thereafter. While kids use it as a form of entertainment, the use of invisible ink was common among pr... Read More »

Lemon Laws in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin protects consumers with a state automobile lemon law. The Wisconsin lemon law specifically determines the vehicles that the law covers. When the motor vehicle meets the lemon law requirem... Read More »

Iowa Used Car Lemon Laws?

If your used car has had one issue after another since the day you brought it home, it may not just be unreliable: it may be a lemon. A lemon can drain your time and money and leave you stranded wh... Read More »

Delaware Lemon Laws?

The Delaware Lemon Law covers vehicles that can not be fixed after a certain number of repair attempts. There are parameters that must be met to qualify for protection under the Lemon Law statutes ... Read More »