When did the Latin language stop being common language?

Answer As the Roman Empire grew, Latin evolved into several regional dialects, which eventually became the Romance languages (Spanish, French and Italian) after the empire fell. What became known as Vulga... Read More »

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When did latin become a dead language?

After the decline of the Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D., Latin evolved into the Romance languages, such as Italian, Spanish and French. However, Latin remained for centuries as a second wri... Read More »

When did the Bible go from Latin to popular language?

Although much of the original texts that would become the modern Bible were originally in Greek and Hebrew, by the 8th century A.D., the majority of manuscripts were in Latin. Charlemagne was one o... Read More »

What language was most commonly used in India when Hindi became the official language in 1965?

Information from the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Linguistics explains that prior to Hindi becoming India's official language, English was spoken in all of India's regions. Because ma... Read More »

How old is the Latin language?

The most ancient version of Latin is more than 2,000 years old. This is referred to as Old Latin. Since then, Latin has experienced many minor permutations in pronunciation, grammar and syntax. A f... Read More »