When did the Incas build the pyramids?

Answer The Incas, native of what is now Peru, built their pyramids over a long stretch of time. Some of the earliest pyramids date back to 200 BC, while some others were built in the 16th century. These p... Read More »

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What was used to build the pyramids?

Egyptians used several types of stone to construct the pyramids. Limestone, sandstone, granite, basalt, alabaster and mud bricks were among the construction materials. Egypt is a country rich in st... Read More »

Why did they build pyramids?

Pyramids are the tomb and burial chamber for the Pharaoh. It is the primary structure in a religious complex, which includes roads, temples and burial sites for wives, lesser officials and workers.... Read More »

Did Egyptians build pyramids?

Egypt's huge pyramids were built thousands of years ago by local Egyptian people who lived in villages in the Nile Valley. They were not constructed by slaves or foreign workers. The pyramids were ... Read More »

What did the Egyptians use to build the pyramids?

Limestone blocks were used to build the outer walls of the Egyptian pyramids. Pink granite was used for the inner walls, while the inner floors were constructed of alabaster or basalt. Ramps were b... Read More »