When did the BBC broadcast its first TV programme?

Answer Episode 1 (tonight) is double length, so it's probably officially episodes 1&2.

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What was the Bbc's first broadcast tv programme called?

I had found the answer from that more than 82% of the people in UK use BBC to get updated with the latest news in UK and all over the world.

When did the BBC broadcast its first TV programme and what was it called?

First color broadcast programme in BBC in 1946?

She sang "The Witch's Aria".

What as the name of the children's programme broadcast on network 2 irelandcirca the late 90s where a boy's transported to a world ruled by people who fired electric shocks and had flying ships?

The show is called Spellbinder, about a young boy named Paul who gets transported from his home in New Zealand (I think) and is brought to a land where there are people called Spellbinder who throu... Read More »