When did te secret service become the official bodyguards of the president?

Answer Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a starting 2009 starting salary of $50,787. Fopr further information see the below link:

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When did the secret service become responsible for guarding the president?

In regards to the President's security detail, essentially yes. Where ever the President goes he is accompanied by a certain number of secret service agents.

How do you become a secret service agent for the president?

Answer The main job of the U.S. Secret Service is to protect the country's currency from counterfeiters. Its agents are all members of the U.S. Treasury Department, but are best known for their pr... Read More »

Does the Secret Service have more power than bodyguards?

The Secret Service has much more power then being body guards. They investigate counterfeit money, and investigate threats against the president, and also investigate electronic crimes.

Who was president when the Secret Service was established?