When did taxes start in the U.S.?

Answer United States tax collection officially began in 1862. Then President Abraham Lincoln and Congress established the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to collect taxes in order to help fund the Civil Wa... Read More »

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When did taxes start in canada?

Taxes began in Canada with the institution of federal income tax in 1917, according to Canadian Lloyd Duhaime, tax attorney and lawyer. The original rate of taxation was 4 percent on the income of ... Read More »

When did FICA taxes start?

FICA taxes, also known as payroll taxes, first started in 1937. At that time, a medicare tax was not included and the Social Security tax rate was only one percent. The medicare tax was not added u... Read More »

When did environmental taxes start in europe?

Finland was the first European country to introduce environment-related taxes when it implemented a carbon tax in 1990, according to an article titled "Environmental Tax Reform: The European Experi... Read More »

When did congress start income taxes?

According to the Department of the Treasury, Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1861 to finance Civil War expenses. This act imposed an income tax of 3 percent on incomes greater than $800. However... Read More »