When did swim diapers become available?

Answer Swim diapers were patented in 1995 by Linda J. Slingland of New Jersey. By 1998, the Kimberly Clark Company, which owns Huggies, successfully put the swim diaper on the market for consumer use.Sour... Read More »

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Are swim diapers safe?

On One Hand: Swim Diapers Offer PerksSwim diapers supersede regular diapers for use in the pool. They do not swell and sag, which helps them remain in place on an active baby or toddler. When fitte... Read More »

Can you swim in a swim dress?

On One Hand: Swim Dresses Designed For SwimmingSwim dresses are traditional bathing suits with a flared skirt and designed for swimming. They often have more material, though, which can float up ar... Read More »

If you had to swim in soda, what kind of soda would you swim in and why?

I'd swim in Dr. Pepper and have a water fight in it, and we can also drink it ;)

What are the differences between learning to swim and learning to swim well?