When did school uniforms start?

Answer Although mandatory school uniforms became popular in elementary schools in the mid-1990s as a way to decease discipline problems, they have a long history. Uniforms were instituted long ago in scho... Read More »

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What year did school uniforms start?

School uniforms are not a new development. They can be brought back to the Roman Empire. Today, school uniforms are usually connected with formal education in the United States. Many public scho... Read More »

When did school uniforms originate?

It is thought that the first school uniforms were worn by English schoolchildren in the 16th century. These children attended "charity schools," and wore inexpensive clothing dyed with blue dye, wh... Read More »

Brazil's School system using Computer Chips On School kids uniforms to track if Students in School or not ->?

Agree-but disagree on a uniform..hey should have it embedded into the skin just like they do with animals to keep track of where they go...good idea!!..=)

Want to get fit again when my kids start school. Whats the best way to start?

My friend had three below age five. She prepared the food for them and made everything from scratch. She didn't run. She jumped rope on her patio. If you can run up and down hills, that would b... Read More »