When did right side mirrors become common on cars?

Answer Beginning in 1912, manufacturers started putting rear view mirrors in cars as a standard feature for safety purposes. These cars were also typically outfitted with side-view, or wing, mirrors as we... Read More »

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The Best Infant Mirrors for Cars?

The best infant mirrors for cars are those that do not obstruct the driver's view, allowing the driver and baby to arrive safely. It's common for parents or caregivers who are driving to want to mo... Read More »

How to Fix My Side Mirrors on My Car?

Side mirrors are an important part of every car. These mirrors allow you to safely view behind and to the side of you as you drive. However, side mirrors are easily damaged, since they stick out fr... Read More »

How to Set Side Mirrors?

It is important to properly set your side mirrors when you drive to ensure you can see everything going on beside your vehicle. Every vehicle has blind spots, and if you do not have your mirrors ad... Read More »

Are side mirrors required in Va.?

Any vehicle registered and licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia that transports passengers on public highways and was manufactured after 1968 is required to have at least one inside and one out... Read More »