When did people start using glass cleaner?

Answer The United States Army Air Force implemented the use of glass cleaner during World War II. Navigators of B-29 airplanes began to have issues with dirt and buildup on the gunner sights. The first gl... Read More »

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When did people start using Ovens?

Old appliances/furniture picked up freeIn Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, you can check out All of their services are free. Depending on what State/R... Read More »

When did people start using surnames?

Surnames came about in Western countries about 1,000 years ago. These second names most commonly were locational in origin, indicating where a person came from. Surnames might also indicate kinship... Read More »

When did people start using dog sleds?

According to the Mush for the Rush website, dogs have pulled sleds for hundreds of years "to pull cargo and people through the deep snows of many lands." Accounts from 16th-century Spanish explore... Read More »

How to Strip Wallpaper (Using Glass Cleaner)?

A very simple way to strip wallpaper, relying on Windex glass cleaner.