When did people start baptising their children as babies?

Answer It all depends on the religion of the family. In the Catholic Church, it is normal to baptize your child between teh ages of 2-6. But, even with these ages, parents also decide to baptize there chi... Read More »

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Do people really leave babies on other people's doorsteps in baskets they'll take care of them?

Why do people assume poor people cannot parent and don't deserve their babies?

Yeah, I noticed them, too. I also know that most people in America live one or two paychecks from homelessness, and one serious family illness, like breast cancer, heart attack or stroke, can wipe... Read More »

Keepsakes for Babies and children?

A lock of their hair is a keepsake, Their first tooth when it falls out, the clothes they wore when they were small should be kept forever.

How do children and babies get cancer?

Premature babies are prone to develop iron deficiency anemia because of low iron reserve.