When did people start baptising their children as babies?

Answer It all depends on the religion of the family. In the Catholic Church, it is normal to baptize your child between teh ages of 2-6. But, even with these ages, parents also decide to baptize there chi... Read More »

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How do people do it when they want to leave their babies dad?

I'd start by making a list. Though my husband and I are really pretty great together, I'll admit that there were a few times in the newborn period when I started a list like this.First list: Reas... Read More »

Why do people change the sound of their voice when talking to babies?

having two kids i realized that kids have a sensitivity and likeness to higher pitches and melody sounds...which is why Barney and other toddler and newborn shows really use different sounds and to... Read More »

When do children start their toilet training?

Generally a child is ready to start potty training when she is able to express the need to use the toilet, communicates when she has a dirty diaper and is able to follow simple instructions. There ... Read More »

So when they start abusing children who will come to their rescue ?

This is most heartbreaking. gays a do not need children if they want them let them get their life right with the Lord and have them like normal parents. It wrong no matter how many thumb down I ge... Read More »